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AML & Financial Crime

AML Registration

All lending entities securing on land in the UK that are not authorised by the FCA are obliged to register for Money Laundering Supervision..

If you need help registering with the FCA for money laundeing supervision get in touch to discuss how we can assist

Case help & Reviews

Sometimes you just want to run a case past someone for a bit of guidance or to check if you have got it right.

We can provide an ad-hoc or retainer service to support you.  We can also carry out file reviews to check you are following the requirements.

Policy & Procedure

We can provide policies and procedures and financial crime risk assessments, review existing ones or check they meet current requirements.

This can cover AML, ABC, Prevention of Facilitation of Tax Evasion and Whistleblowing.


Our Financial Crime training is geared around lending, includes AML and ABC and covers both the responsibilities and personal liabilities of staff members as well as the company's obligations.

It is suited to both refresher as well as new to the requirements training.

It isn't just about ID

We sometimes come across lenders who think that their AML obligations is just about checking ID. It isn't.

If you need help understanding your obligations get in touch.

Regulator Enquiries

We can support you in the event of enquiries being made by the regulator.

From assisting in drafting responses to pre-visit support and guidance.

JMLSG Guidance - Core Training Obligations

Relevant employees should be:

  • made aware of the risks of money laundering and terrorist financing, the relevant legislation, and their obligations under that legislation

  • made aware of the identity and responsibilities of the frim's nominated officer and MLRO

  • trained in the firm's procedures and in how to recognise and deal with potential money laundering or terrorist financing transactions or activity

  • staff training should be given at regular intervals, and details recorded


The MLRO is responsibe for oversight of the firm's compliance with its requirements in respect of staff training.

The relevant director or senior manager has overall responsibility for the establishment and maintenance of effective training arrangements.

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