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Jackson Cohen offer a complete service to assist with obtaining permission for mortgage lending and administration and Consumer Buy-to-Let and change of control.

We have supported numerous clients obtaining permissions and have a 100% success record, including assisting firms referred to us by the FCA where their submission was not up to the required standard.

We also supported the first two lenders to achieve authorisation post the financial crash in 2008.

How We Work

We generally work on a fixed fee basis for full authorisations and significant change of control requests so that you know what you are in for from the outset.

In our opinion daily rate would work out too expensive and is an open ended risk for firms.

We will work on hourly rate for smaller aspects such as support for variation of permissions, removal of permissions, new SMF's etc. although can agree fixed fee structures if required.

Other Changes

In addition to full applications and change of control, we can also support:

  • Variation of permissions

    • Add new permission

    • WIthdraw permission

  • Addition of new SMF's

  • Removal of SMF's

  • Change of functions held

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